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Post Production Studio

Montaage is an award winning Creative Studio specialising in Post Production Work in Pune creating stunning visuals for all screens.
We are passionate about telling your story through breathtaking visuals that stun audiences. With our strong, highly experienced team of skilled creative individuals, supported with state of the art equipment setup, we collaborate with the storytellers to help deliver their vision onscreen and ignite the storytelling process.
A Media Services company, ‘Montaage’ is promoted by Aespaes Productions. With our creativity, skill and dedication we are presenting this venture to carve a niche in the industry and to cater broad clientele with creative and technical services in the realm of: Edit, DI, VFX, Sound, Graphics, Digital Output.
We take great efforts to ensure that your data gets the security it deserves. We work with studios to ensure that not only are we certified but are constantly training our staff to follow best security practices.

Post Production Work

Our USPs​

4K DLP Projector

A 4K DLP Projector has become the dire necessity for audio visual post production processes. Our facility with DCI P3 colour space avails the colour grading artist to enliven the cinematic experience.

5.1 Sound Mix

Anything that we here in cinema theatres is 5.1 sound mixed these days. The facility at our studio creates the ultimate aural experience to boost the visuals.

DCP Output Facility

Get the certified DCP (Digital Cinema Package) copy from our studio all set and ready to be distributed in the cinema theatres all over the world. It’s as simple as that!

Security & Privacy

Ultimate Concern of any creator lies in the existence of encroaching piracy industry. Our surveillance system and data access control system allows us to create hundred percent safe & secure environment.

One Stop Solution

Various studios for different post production processes involves multiple engagements & communications. This results in miscommunication and highly exhaustive work process.

We Cater To

Feature Films

Feature film shot of man reading a book

TV Commercials

TV commercial of an old lady

Corporate Films


Short Films

Trailers and Teasers

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Contact Us

If you have a project which needs a great home, we would love to hear from you. We collaborate with the best in the world, providing cutting edge solutions in the real-time space. If you happen to be in Pune, India, do arrange a visit to see our state of the art facility and meet our multi-talented team. Contact us to know more and request a reel. ​